Called to “Bear Much Fruit" Right Where We Are!!

This session will spend time discussing how as disciples of Christ, we SHOULD be prepared at all times to give an account of the hope that is within each of us. How we should pray for, expect and recognize opportunities to share our faith. Ideas on how to share the Gospel: Christ’s story and our story.

Mike Amick


Expressing Your Call in the Marketplace

The concept of call is too often reserved for those in ministry. This session will help participants understand the reality of God’s call on their lives to “be” His witnesses in the marketplace.

Frank Anderson

Pastor of True Light Baptist Church, Memphis TN.


Bridging the Secular and the Sacred

In this session we will attempt to understand the origins of the cultural division between the sacred and the secular and its negative impact on Christians, the Church, and society. We will also cast a vision for a biblical understanding of calling, ministry and work and how these aspects of our lives, when integrated, unleash Christians to transform society through the Church.

Shad Berry

CEO & Executive Director; Downline Ministries


Lifeshape International and Chick-fil-A: Transforming Lives Internationally

In this session hear how Lifeshape International will send over 300 Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators and corporate staff on 50 international projects this year. Learn how these men and women work alongside their partners in the marketplace to share their business principles and help break the cycle of spiritual poverty.

Larry Cox

COO; Lifeshape International


Becoming A Sending Church

Lots of churches support international missions by praying and giving money. But the role of the local church is much greater than that. A Sending Church is one that recognizes its place at the center of God’s sending of His people to the nations. We will explore a Biblical foundation for this perspective, and help you find the tools, perspective, and vocabulary to disciple your church toward becoming a Sending Church.

OnRamps to Global Mission: Your Whole Church on Missions

All of God’s people have a place in His mission, but how do we involve all of our people? We will share creative and practical ideas that churches are using to get everyone—even those who may never get on an airplane—involved in making disciples of all nations.

Caleb Crider

Director of Church Training; International Mission Board


How Jesus Developed Marketplace Leaders

Christian marketplace leaders today seek to emulate Jesus’ model of life but few have considered emulating His model of leadership. Over the course of three years Jesus purposely selected twelve marketplace leaders to run his organization which ultimately changed the world. Come and discover the chronological and timeless steps and principles that Jesus used to develop marketplace leaders.  

Steven French

President; Lifework Leadership


Pastors Casting Vision

In the session we will discuss how pastors can cast vision to marketplace professionals. We will consider three primary pathways for marketplace professionals to connect faith and work to significant ministry opportunities.

Al Gilbert

V.P. of Evangelism; North American Mission Board

God’s Mission, Your Profession, and the Global Marketplace

Discover how ordinary Christians are using their professions to make disciples among the nations. The Global economy and technology advances have made it easier to reach the nations both in traveling to them and engaging them where we live. This session helps you identify the “pathways” that match your giftings and experience and make connections to strategic initiatives that are bringing together churches, marketplace professionals, and mission agencies. Come learn how people just like you re intentionally using their professions to fulfill the Great Commission.

Kevin Prewett

North American Director for Skybridge


Maintaining Intimacy with God at Work

The key to intimacy with God is intentionality. Each day, we face demands: demands in the workplace, demands in the community, demands at home. In the midst of endless demands, God extends an invitation. He invites us to draw near to Him. Our response to His invitation determines the richness of our intimacy. Will we join the Psalmist in declaring, “As for me, the nearness of God is my good . . .” (Psalm 73:28)?

Beth Reed

Director of Women's Ministries; Germantown Baptist Church


Developing Your Roadmap to the Nations

Are you a student or young professional and looking for the practical steps to take to get you from her to the nations? Join us as we talk about ways to prepare and launch out on purpose for the Gospel. We’ll discuss practical ways to use your education and training to get you to and support you on the mission field. We’ll also discuss how to leverage your career for the Gospel among the unreached.

Chad Stillwell

Student Mobilization Strategist; International Mission Board


How to be a Witness in the Marketplace

God calls all believers to be witnesses and to understand their role in all areas of the marketplace. This session will provide practical strategies to encourage participants to faithfully live and share the Gospel in the Marketplace.

Cedric Taylor

Managing Director of Operations; FedEx Express Corp


Being a Disciple-maker in the Marketplace

A right understanding of the Great Commission reveals that Jesus has enlisted every committed follower of His to be a disciple-maker, no matter our vocation or location. Can you imagine if all Christ-followers were living “on mission” in the context God has placed them? In this session we’ll explore what it looks like to be a disciple-maker in the marketplace.

Kennon Vaughan

Lead Pastor; Harvest Church
President and Founder; Downline Ministries


Using Your Vocational Abilities for Gospel Transformation

This session is intended for marketplace professionals, casting vision for using your vocational abilities to engage in ministry opportunities. How can you use your skills and gifts to transform your local community according to the gospel? In this session, we will discuss this question and explore three primary contributions that you should consider personally. Engaging in these ways will capitalize on your unique gifting, connecting your faith and work to significant ministry endeavors.

James Ryan West

LoveLoud National Coordinator; North American Mission Board


Intentional Faith in the Marketplace

This session will focus on practical ideas for living an intentional life of faith in the marketplace. Regardless of your role in an organization, we each have an opportunity to make a difference and bring glory to God!

Martin E. Willoughby

Public Speaker and Author