The Missional Marketplace Network exists to encourage and equip the body of Christ for greater expression of the Gospel in the marketplace through networking groups.

One of the strategic objectives of THE MISSIONAL MARKETPLACE Summit is the birthing of the MISSIONAL MARKETPLACE NETWORK. While the vision for The Marketplace Summit is to serve as the catalyst in uniting the Body of Christ in the Mid-South region to advance the gospel by encouraging and equipping marketplace Believers, the Marketplace Network is designed to facilitate a platform connecting and uniting Marketplace believers to pray and encourage one another until we see our Mid-South region transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How will this work?

Participants of the Missional Marketplace Network will receive an invitation to join other participants who work in close proximity to each other for a monthly lunch gathering. Plans are for the Network lunch gatherings to begin in April.

Each lunch gathering will have a host who will choose a date, time, and restaurant. The host will communicate those details to the group by email. The gatherings will not exceed one hour. They will be focused on fellowship and encouragement with the host sharing a brief biblical insight and a practical missional strategy for living and sharing the Gospel more boldly and creatively in the marketplace.

The desire is that as a marketplace missionary, these lunches will become a time to encourage each other by how you see God at work in the marketplace and to pray for each other about the challenges that often confront God’s people who are trying to live and share their faith outside the walls of the church.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called and empowered to give faithful expression of the Gospel through our lives wherever we go. We can do it more consistently and creatively when we engage in community with others on the same journey.